Mission Statement

Welcome to the Size Inclusive Stitches pattern resource space. We are currently working on vetting our designers and building out our data-base for you to resource. Please continue on to learn about the initiative and check back as we hope to have patterns added in the coming weeks.

Our mission

Size Inclusive Stitches mission is to provide encouragement, support and guidance for makers of all  shapes and sizes to fall in love with and be empowered to make garments with ease. We source from designers that are committed to creating designs that look beautiful on everyone. Our goal is to create awareness of the need for size inclusivity within the knitting and crochet industry and to build a community that embraces diversity.

patterns resource

Within these 2 categories you will find a selection of #sizeinclusive patterns that have been tested by makers of all sizes. Our hope is that by using this resource you can feel confident choosing a garment knowing these designs have not only been vetted by our team, but also by the makers who wear them with pride.


Designers- If you are interested in having your patterns in our database please fill out this form and one of team members will contact you.

Meet the team

Denise Clark

Founder of #sizeinclusivestitches

Denise is a self described advocate for size inclusive designers. “My number 1 goal is for makers of every size to create garments without fear” By advocating self inclusive designers, she hopes to boost the cause of size inclusivity while also leading by example that well written patterns can look good on makers of all sizes.

teresa Stankard

#sizeinclusivestitches web design contributor

Teresa is a plus size maker that contributes to #sizeinclusivestitches by hosting and maintaining a space on her website as a database for makers of all sizes to locate tested patterns by designers in the maker community. Teresa is the owner of Fuzzywhatknots LLC which offers a wide selection of colorways on a variety of bases for makers to use in their garment making.