Demystifying yarn pt3. dk and worsted weight

demystifying yarn part 3

dk and worsted

DK Weight and Worsted Weight are the next two yarn weights and are less commonly misidentified. 

Both are thicker weight yarns and most commonly used to make cool weather items. 

There are exceptions such as, using a plant based DK for summer wear totally works as plant based fibers work differently than wool based fibers in terms of heat retention.


DK Weight Yarn is short for Double Knitted and is a category 3 yarn in big box stores. 

This weight yarn is a great choice if you want a slightly heavier but still drapey finished object. Many blankets use this weight yarn as it’s cozy but not hot. 

From Indie Dyers this weight of yarn comes in 100 gram skeins with yardage ranging from 200 about 250+ yards per skein, depending on where the base yarn was sourced from.

Similar to fingering weight you will find DK weight yarn in virtually any blend. – superwash merino/nylon, non superwash, cotton, silk, cashmere, alpaca, acrylic etc.

Check out DK yarns available from Fuzzywhatknots here

DK yarns you can find locally

Lionbrand Truboo is just amazing fiber. I recently did a test garment that I did for Natalie @detriotknots using the Hot Pink Version. This is a yarn I will turn back to again and again. It’s so silky smooth and soft it practically glides on the hook. The drape is just amazing! (photo cred: Katie)

Truboo skein
Detriot knots Tango Wrap top
Detriot knots Tango Wrap top

Finished Tango Wrap Top designed by Natalie of @detriotknots.

You can buy kits for this pattern from LionBrand here

Mandala is another option also by Lionbrand. One of the first cake yarns I ever used was this brand and I made a lap blanket using it. I love the idea of self striping yarns and I hope to someday be able to offer indie dyed self striping yarn at Fuzzywhatknots but until then this is suitable acrylic to fit the bill! (photo cred:

Bernat Baby Softee is not one I have personally worked with. I have been told it is the perfect baby items yarn but also can be used to substitute in a garment pattern that calls for DK. Widely available with many colors, mostly pastels. This would be a great budget DK to work with as it has ample yardage per ball. (photo cred:

dk weight patterns

Some of my favorite DK Weight patterns include:

Crochet – 

Knit – 


Worsted Weight Yarn (also known as aran weight yarn in the UK) is your run of the mill medium weight yarn. 

It is labeled a category 4 yarn in big box stores.

Great for sweaters, shawls and other winter items as it works up quickly without being bulky and creates very warm fabric.

If you’re learning or trying out a new technique or stitch, using a worsted yarn will help you clearly see stitch definition.

For this reason it is highly recommended for learning yarn arts that you start working with worsted weight.

From Indie dyers this yarn comes in 100g skeins with a varying 210 to 230 yards depending on the base yarn.

You can check out Fuzzywhatknots Worsted here

worsted yarns you can find locally

If you are yarn veteran or even a newbie chances are you have seen this type of Acrylic by Red Heart. One of the oldest budget friendly worsted on the market. You can snag a skein of this for very cheap although I don’t recommend it for wearables, it certainly will work.

This is the yarn I would recommend for learning and practicing stitch patterns as its low cost and rugged wear will allow multiple froggings without much damage to the fibers.

Lionbrand Pound of Love yarn are much softer than Red heart super saver and have ample yardage to make things like blankets, scarves, shawls and hats. A fantastic step up for a beginner also still cost effective based on ample yardage per skein. (photo cred:

Caron Simply soft is a fantastic worsted weight yarn. I personally have made many projects using this yarn and highly recommend it as a budget friendly yarn. It is soft and creates an excellent garment or shawl. It is widely available in stores locally or online. (photo cred:

Worsted weight patterns

Some of my favorite Worsted Weight patterns include:

Crochet – 

Knit – 

DK and Worsted are readily available in many colors on many different bases. Just be sure when substituting in a pattern with specific yarn mentioned that you take the time to swatch to make sure you can reach gauge and that you like the way it feels. We will talk about swatching and gauge in a coming post. We hope you found this information useful! Take care!

Teresa and Katie
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If you missed Part 2 of Demystifying yarn, where we discussed lace and fingering you can read that here.

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